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Ryan Orwoll + Lauren Becchetti

Love is not cancelled! 💕

Ryan pulled off the most perfect pandemic proposal for Lauren. He even was able to have their parents included while still maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Here’s the details Ryan sent us on the proposal....It was about two weeks ago and was at Hidden Falls in St. Paul on a Friday evening.   Lauren didn’t know it but I had both of our moms secretly watching from the bluff above the waterfall.   We checked out the river and then made our way to spot where I proposed.   After she said yes, both moms started cheering and clapping very loudly.   As you can see in the picture below we are waving up to them.    Following a few pictures of us and some of the ring, we joined the moms up at the top.   We couldn’t hug them, as we were well behaved social distancers, which was very odd and unfortunate.  Everyone was so excited so, and we got some pictures of us and the moms 6 feet behind us!   I never thought I would have to take a pandemic into my plans, but it was the most perfect quarantine/social distancing proposal I could have asked for!   (Photography credit to my dad who was hidden in the trees taking pictures!)

Congratulations you two, we are so happy for you! Sending virtual hugs your way!


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