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Kaylie Sorenson + Alex Siedow

An ordinary hike turned extraordinary!! Alex caught Kaylie completely off guard when he dropped down on one knee during what she thought was a typical Saturday hike. She said yes to the one she loves, while doing what they love together. 💍

Full story: On a beautiful sunny Saturday, Alex asked me to get breakfast at a cute cafe near where we live and then go for a hike at William O’Brien State Park. We have been planning to go here for a while because we love the outdoors, so I thought it would just be any ordinary day. It was just the two of us in the whole park and we were walking along the river talking about what a beautiful day it was. All of a sudden he sped up in front of me and turned around and got down on one knee! I forgot everything he said while proposing because I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy!

Congratulations you two!!


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