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Kaitlin + Charlie

Charlie and Kaitlin have a lot to be thankful for this year!

Over thanksgiving weekend, Charlie pulled off a surprise proposal complete with lanterns on the beach, Kaitlin's nieces, and a fun celebration with her family.

Here's what Charlie had to say about the proposal:

"I proposed Thanksgiving Weekend at Kaitlin's parents house. I bought some candles and white papers bags and I set them up on the path that goes in front of the cabins around the lake shore. I used them like bread crumbs leading to a beach area where I then had a candle lit path and a little circle right next to the water.

When it got dark, I convinced Kaitlin to take her two oldest nieces outside to see "the lanterns" that were setup on the path. We all walked out there, found the lanterns and walked onto the beach where I asked her oldest niece, Zella, to hold my phone as a flashlight while I asked her aunt a very important question.

I popped the question and that was it!! It caught her completely by surprise and it was great to celebrate with her whole family at the house when we got back. Oh, and she was floored by the ring!! It was everything she imagined!

Such a fun time planning the day with her parents and family. Thank you for being apart of it and making such a perfect ring!"

Congratulations, Kaitlin and Charlie. We are so happy for you and wish you nothing but love and happiness!


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