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Dave + Shanda Velasquez

Dave had the sweetest things to say about working with LJS!

Back a couple years ago I addressed to my mom (your client Ranell) that I was going to propose to my girlfriend. Without hesitation and much assertion, I was told there was only one person and place I was going to shop for my engagement ring. I called you and met with you and I quickly understood why!

You helped show me the difference between ring settings, diamond size, and the importance versus quality versus quantity when selecting the right stone for the center piece!

A short time later I revisited to pick out bands for my future bride and myself. I quickly found what we wanted and again received the great expertise and knowledge getting the best "bang for my buck" versus quick chain store help and trying to sell me something that I'd settle for rather than love. You and LJS Design didn't treat me as a sale. You didn't treat me as a number or a sale. You treated me with care, passion, and concern making me feel like you took just as much pride in selling me your best product as much as the pride you have in excelling in your business and knowledge of jewelry!

You made our experience and our outcome one of the most painless and perfect parts of engagement and marriage! We are and will be forever grateful for what you provided us throughout this whole process! You are an example to what every business model should follow! I never felt rushed! I never felt compelled! And I never felt like I was getting anything less than the best from you or your business!

Our symbols of love were picked out and purchased from folks like you with more care and honesty than any other bigger purchase I've made. I'm blessed to have been introduced to LJS Design and I make that clear when I recommend those who compliment what we've received from your business! I more than understand why the most important person in my life (my mother Ranell) essentially didn't give me a choice on where I would go to get my jewelry needs covered for the most important day in my relationship! We owe you our complete gratitude and thanks!

Attached in the pictures of our settings for our engagement and wedding! Anyone that invests their trust in you is extremely lucky!! We are one small example of that! Thank you for teaching me, showing me the importance of knowledge of what you are actually buying, and treating me and us like we are important even if our sale was smaller in comparison to what you may actually sell customers who seek custom jewelry! You are simply amazing and our pride in wearing what we received from LJS is greater than what we ever expected!

Thank you thank you thank you for your time, kindness, and expertise in making this a wonderful time in our lives! Experts are hard to come by but you are just that! I will forever recommend LJS for friends and family looking for that perfect symbol of love!

With all our hearts and gratitude, Dave and Shanda Velasquez


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