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Casey Borer + Natalie Stangl

Ahhhh this is great! We love real life fairy tales with real life castles! 🏰

Here is what Natalie told us about how... and more importantly where... Casey proposed to her! Soooo romantic!

"...this castle is pretty special to us. My grandfather lived at this castle called Schloss Anif after WWII located in Anif, Austria (next to Salzburg).

He and I were very close and he adored Casey too. He passed away last Summer.

As kids and adults my “Baapa” would talk about this castle. When I went over to be with Casey (he was playing hockey in Germany in a town not far from Austria) in February, we decided that we should try and find this castle...we did...and he proposed there!

It was magical and meant a lot to me and our family! ❤️"

Needless to say... we wish them nothing but "happily ever after!"

Schloss Anis | Photo via wikipedia


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