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Allie Welter + Isaac Deragon

11+ years ago Isaac asked Allie out in TMC, they had our first date at Old No. 1, at bacon cheeseburgers. Before Thanksgiving break he asked to be her boyfriend and they have been a couple ever since. They have lived a lot of life together and each and every moment made this big moment that much more special!

They got engaged in Northern WI near Michigan UP, just outside Florence WI. Went for a little hike and he made it official!

Congratulations, Allie and Isaac, we are SO happy for you!

As if this story wasn’t great enough, Isaac also got Allie’s sister, Erin, a ring with two diamonds to represent the two sisters and the bond they share! 💕. He wanted to make sure Erin did feel as though she wasn't losing my only sister to marriage. Better yet, she is keeping her sister and gaining a brother!!


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